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Name:Continuity, canon and confusion!
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Learning about comics canon
Welcome to [community profile] comics_intro! No question too obvious, no question too obscure.

This is the place to ask everything you need to know to enjoy comics, whether you're just beginning to read comics or you were born on a pile of B&W reprints. This comm focuses on Western comics - superhero, indie, newspaper strips, bandes desinées and translations. Questions about movies and other media originally based on comics are also very welcome.

Examples of questions

Canon questions: how did Magneto meet the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?

Issue numbers: what issue did Jason Todd become Robin?

Continuity questions: what is Supergirl's current origin story?

Creator questions: what titles has Ben Templesmith drawn?

Community Rules
Please be polite and respectful of other people's reading choices.

Negative opinions and criticism of comics are welcome, but please criticise the work, not the creator. "Liefeld's art detracts from the storytelling" is fine. "Liefeld is a terrible artist" is not fine.

All adult content - including nudity, violence and swearing - should be behind a cut.

Spoilers for recent media - including non-comics media - should be warned for and placed behind a cut for one month after their original release. Use your discretion for older releases and respect requests not to be spoilered.

Flashing or rapidly animated icons or macros are not allowed, though you may link to them.

If you want to promote a community or fest related to comics, please PM the mod.

Please remember that many comics have confusing or contradictory canon and a complete and satisfying answer may not be possible.
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